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Students as Digital Curators

September 19, 2012

My current students in our Communication in the Global Information Age at CSU-Global just turned in their first writing assignment, and I am so thrilled to read about their developing digital media theoretical frameworks.

Although I read wonderful explorations, one sentence really stood out to me this week. So I am awarding it the Stellar Opening Sentence Award. Here it is:

“From town criers to newspapers to letters to radio to television to cell phones to smart phones to email to blogging to social networking, digital communications and media have made quite a journey.”

I love lists in sentence format – especially when they show a progression or timeline in development.

Related to this class, but not to the Stellar Sentence above, my students have also been finding and sharing entertaining images related to online research and social networking sites.

Because I want to pay homage to their efforts (and because I would never in a million years have time to find these images myself), I decided to create and dedicate my first Pinterest board to those students who are my digital curators.

Thank you, guys and gals! And keep on sharing your awesome finds!

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